Friday 11 December 2015

Forced Random - Go Get It

Article by KevW

Listening to new single 'Go Get It', it's difficult to see why Forced Random have regularly been labelled a lo-fi band, but if you skip back a couple of years it starts to become apparent. The London group formed around instrumentalist and producer Oliver Girdler, and their first couple of EPs did have that DIY, bedroom-recorded sound, but it appears to be time for the band to look to bigger and better things. 'Go Get It' marks a change for Forced Random, but doesn't forget its roots and hasn't been engineered for the mainstream as such. It's a natural progression.

Fading in quietly, the vocals recall Grandaddy in their delivery, and the interstellar sounds aren't a million miles away from that band either. But this is more atmospheric, more brooding and builds with a grandeur that verges on being awe-inspiring. Perhaps Spritualized would be another comparison, certainly for the steady build that gradually swells as more and more layers of sound are introduced. 'Go Get It' has emotion too, and as it reaches for the stars that becomes even more powerful. It's difficult not to stop everything and listen when this song comes on. If Forced Random keep going from strength to strength then they'll really be a force to be reckoned with.

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