Thursday 31 December 2015

Get Me Free #137: She Makes War - I Am

Article by KevW

There's an awful lot of nostalgia around in music at the moment, perhaps in reaction to the fact that it's become more accessible and in some ways less humanised because that you can listen to pretty much anything you want without owning or even paying for it. Bands have been touring their most famous albums on the anniversaries of their releases and re-releasing them as deluxe editions, seemingly just to make a bit of money. Bristol's She Makes War has taken a different approach for the fifth anniversary of her debut album 'Disarm' though.

With the EP 'Disarm: 15', she's chosen songs from that release and reworked them to demonstrate how her music has evolved since then and where it might be going next. So in a way, you could say it's showing how these tracks would sound had the album been written this year. Laura Kidd (for it is her making the War) reiterates that key influences are Elliott Smith (more on the emotional side with the lyrics) and Cat Power amongst others. 'I Am' contains elements of both and a few others such as bands like Belly and Pixies, and is indebted to '90s alt-rock in its dynamic and scuzzy sound. It's crisp and fresh version, and fans will only have to wait until early 2016 for her new album 'Direction Of Travel'.

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