Wednesday 16 December 2015

Jenn Vix - The Woman With No Fear (Feat. John Ashton)

Article by KevW

Rhode Island-based musician Jenn Vix released her first album to critical acclaim back in 1995, and has collaborated with some impressive names including members of The Cure and David Bowie's band. New EP 'Strange Buildings' features contributions from Psychedelic Furs guitarist John Ashton, who appears on single 'The Woman With No Fear'.

As you may expect, this is an accomplished post-punk track with plenty of grit, determination and drive, although there's a certain desperation to the lyrics and a slightly ominous sound overall. This could have been released at the heyday of the genre back in the 1980s, such is the manner of the production and atmosphere created. Its fully-realised sound makes for a powerful statement and a battle cry of sorts. Bristling with raw energy, 'The Woman With No Fear' is full of desire and a hunger that's all too rare.

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