Thursday 24 December 2015

Get Me Free #120: Venera 4 - Masked Dance

Article by KevW

With the stupendously good 'Deaf Heartbeats', Venera 4 staked a claim to be the best new band in Paris, and that's no mean feat. It was Obligatory Record Of The Year for 2013 and remains a firm favourite. This year the quartet released their debut album 'Eidôlon', one of the finest shoegaze records of 2015, so they've proven that they're no one-hit wonders (not that this kind of music ever really touches the sales charts at the moment, but you know what I mean...). Venera 4 are also good at making sure their fans have something decent to listen to over the festive period, releasing 'The Winter Sessions' collection on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago, and now offering up this brand new single.

'Masked Dance' is the first material to be released since the album and it continues in much the same vein sonically, looking to the vintage shoegaze of the class of '91 for some inspiration. With a little echo on the mildly dampened drums, warm and delicate distortion used on the guitar and a constant wall of faint but graceful synths, this is soft, smooth and warming. The vocals are much the same; a little subdued and elegant, not forceful and upfront. It's a sound that fans of the album will be familiar with, and 'Masked Dance' may have stood out as a highlight had it been on the LP. It's a cosy treat from Venera 4, and you can get it for free, but only for a limited time, so grab it quick before it melts in the unseasonably warm weather.

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