Monday 14 December 2015

De Montevert - Let´s not run away together

Article by KevW

There really must be something in the water in Scandinavia. Year after year after year the Nordic countries supply us with pristine, dreamy indiepop, and however hard we try to keep on top of it all, so much still passes us by. Take the career of De Montevert for example - the alias of Swedish artist Ellinor Nilsson. De Montevert has been a going concern for at least five years now, yet this new single is our introduction, and what a fine introduction it is. Taken from her new, self-titled album, 'Let's not run away together' has all the classic hallmarks of its genre.

Not overly fey, this is excellent guitar-pop with a slightly wistful quality which is largely brought about by the soft and thoughtful vocals. Despite the title, which would maybe indicate dissatisfaction with someone, this is a love song that looks forward to a couple's future together. Perhaps the title (reiterated in the chorus) is simply suggesting that they build on the life they have, not risk changing, or maybe its deeper. That's something that De Montevert will be able to answer but the rest of us can merely ponder upon. If you're a fan of indiepop and great songwriting with sweet melodies, you should get your ears around this pronto.

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