Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #123: Nugen - Sea Of Colour

Article by KevW

According to Facebook, Nugen is the solo project of Londoner Fred Nugen, but SoundCloud will tell us that his actual name is Francis Gane and that he's an electronic producer working on eclectic noises and styles and making sample-based music, all of which he's currently giving away for free. So as well as recent track 'Sea Of Colour', you can head to his page and get a load of tunes, like the jittery drum and bass of 'Sparkle' or the more experimental trip-hop vibes found on 'The Portal', all for zip. As he says himself - "please help yourself".

'Sea Of Colour' is one of the best to be found, and slowly builds from an unassuming intro with a heavily treated vocal sample (no lyrics are involved though), to a beat with a real spring in its step and pulses that seem to echo and rebound around the track. It's somewhat reminiscent of The Orb's early work (when they weren't being quite so ambient) and does feel a bit like an update of much electronic music from around that time, but there's a nice melodic sensibility too, which should make it a hit even with people who wouldn't usually go for this kind of thing. 

Nugen's website

The Sound Of Confusion on Twitter and Facebook

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