Tuesday 22 December 2015

Illitry - The Sunset EP

Article by KevW

Hamilton, Ontario's Illitry have undergone a bit of a change since we first heard them almost three years ago with debut single 'Goshen', and are now the solo project of Troy Witherow, with Kevin Fraser and Michael Boyd as part of the live set up. Subsequent releases like 'Kingdom Perverted' and 'Follow Me' saw them taking an indie-rock sound and throwing experimental electronica into the mix to create something new. 'The Sunset EP' is a step further into the realms of the electronic music world, so much so that the indie-rock tag has been shed totally. Last year's twinkly 'Wildberry' single is included and will be familiar to Illitry's growing fanbase, and past track 'Runaways' is included as a bonus, and both show this switch to a different sound.

Diving more into the electronic world doesn't mean shunning the tunes in favour of experimental bleeps and bloops though, and you need look no further that opener 'Fall' to see that. This is an innovative alt-pop song. The minimalist beats and ambient textures could make for a soulless, industrial listen, but the vocals and melody, along with a background hum that's introduced later on ensure it's more welcoming than that. There's something slightly psychedelic about the slow, fuzzy and pretty tones of 'Born' which has a certain retro-futurist vibe and is possibly the best song here - but that will depend on personal taste as much as the quality which is consistent throughout. 'Easy Way Out' is a bit of a blend of everything else on the EP, containing plenty of those twinkly, cosmic electronic notes, as well as a more emotive vocal and a spaciousness that adds a dreamy and surreal quality. Again, it's another strong track melodically too. Illitry have always been inventive, but 'The Sunset EP' has taken them a step further, and it sounds like a step in the right direction.

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