Thursday 10 December 2015

Get Me Free #106: Gravy Murphy - The Many Hands

Article by KevW

We didn't want to ask why Jon Murphy goes by the stage name of Gravy Murphy, just in case the answer was something we'd rather not know, so let's just assume that it comes from the phrase "it's all gravy" (which is probably does). Born in the UK, Murphy's been living in Perth, Australia since 2010 where he studied sound engineering. As Gravy Murphy he's released two EPs so far, one in 2013 and one last year. There's a ten-track album, 'The World Is Your Moisture', ready to go, and the first song taken from it is 'The Many Hands'.

With modern recording techniques it's can be difficult to differentiate between analogue and digital sounds, as analogue can be reproduced so well, but despite pictures of Gravy Murphy performing with a laptop close at hand, the electronica he's made here has a retro vibe running through it. There are hisses that could be from an early Kraftwerk record, as well as the warming hum of antique synths all through this piece. A steady stomp of a beat keeps everything grounded and the industrial feel is dampened a little by the more welcoming additions of various melodic touches. For all its retro leanings, 'The Many Heads' still feels current, and with a decent amount of radio play under his belt down under, it could be the time for Gravy Murphy to start looking further afield.

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