Wednesday 23 December 2015

Get Me Free #119: jj - Paranoid

Article by KevW

It's quite remarkable how Swedish duo jj have remained so low-key and under the radar but are still an increasingly big name in the world of music. We've given up deciding whether or not to put their name in capitals. It started off lower case, then they changed it, then apparently changed it back. Maybe. The file for this says "jj", but pull it up in iTunes and it's "JJ". It's another example of how enigmatic these two are, existing in a strange bubble outside of the music world and releasing tracks how and when they want to. The most recent album was last year, but there have been a string of one-off songs released in 2015, and the most recent is 'Paranoid', but their website carries the intriguing message "WELCOME TO MY WORLD DECEMBER THE 24TH".

With their trademark Balearic synths and downtempo, nocturnal beats, Elin Kastlander's vocal is as sublime as ever as she sings this song about heartbreak to a familiarly dreamy and electronic backing. The lyrics are slightly odd to say the least, and perhaps only jj could get away with including such lines as "do you think about me when you cooking, when you hear that voice, do you think about me cooking that pasta?", and also about eating horses, and still make this a gorgeous and emotive song. There aren't many artists in the world who are capable of carrying out a career in music like jj do, and this is a testament to their attitude of not caring about what others are doing and seemingly living in their own, self-constructed world. A world it would be amazing to step into for a while.

jj's website

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