Thursday 10 December 2015

Sudakistan - You And Your Way

Article by KevW

Sudakistan sounds as though it's the name of an imaginary country, and when it comes to this Swedish quintet, geography plays a big part. Four of the five members were originally from South America, and this is something that carries through into their music. Having such a variety of backgrounds is likely to bring in different ideas, and so their recently released album 'Caballo Negro' is infused with a Latin influence at times. It's also been very well received, picking up some impressive reviews.

It's a bucket-load of deep guitar distortion that opens the song, with layers of squall thrown in for good measure. The twangs sound more like they belong on a spaghetti western soundtrack as they would on a surf record. But Sudakistan don't fit either category on the whole (although there is some whistling that again recalls old westerns), being more of a fuzz-rock band with a more exotic vibe than many others. 'You And Your Way' is noisy, full-on and feels as though it has enough static charge to make your hair stand on end. Pretty darn good in other words.

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