Saturday 19 December 2015

Holy Wave - Sueños

Article by KevW

A collection of B-sides and demos of tracks from a forthcoming album doesn't exactly fill you with excitement. Such releases are generally the reserve of hardcore fans and completists, or worse still, cynical cash-ins by bands and record labels. Is Holy Wave's 'The Evil Has Landed Part II' any different? We'd say so, because the music included is flipping ace and doesn't feel like a bunch of second class songs that weren't good enough to stand up in their own right. Holy Wave have taken the psych world by storm for a reason, touring with the likes of Goat and Psychic Ills and performing at CMJ, SXSX and Austin Psych Fest.

They'll be touring Europe in the new year in support of upcoming new LP 'Freaks Of Nurture', and this EP collects demos from those sessions as well as material recorded around the time of their last release, 'Relax'. 'Sueños' makes for an excellent single in its own right, combining the haze of dreampop with the trippy vibe of psychedelia and twangy surf guitars. There's a lot of treble going on here, and also a lot of tune. This is melodic, sparkly, slightly ethereal and really quite moreish. If we assume they're saving the best stuff for the new album, then they must have some very special music lined up, because if this is just an off-cut, it's better than a lot of bands ever get close to.

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