Thursday 17 December 2015

Track By Track Guide: Alexander Lynch - Love Lives EP

Article by KevW

This week saw Michigan singer/songwriter/producer Alexander Lynch release his debut EP 'Love Lives', a potent, atmospheric and experimental collection of dark pop songs that stir up a deep ambiance and are packed with emotion. Taking the minimalism of acts like The xx, the slightly haunted feel of electro-pop/rock legends such as Depeche Mode, and a thoroughly modern approach to production, the EP is a fully-realised endeavour that impresses on many levels. 

Alexander's voice is a powerful weapon in itself, but with pinpoint beats and a blend of styles including trip-hop, R&B, alt-pop and more, it becomes even more unique. There's a potential crossover hit in 'Missing Me', lusher sounds in the smooth waves and stomping beat of 'Close My Eyes', a starkness and soulful feeling to be found on 'Snow White', spooky, nocturnal vibes emanating from 'Living Alone', and a heady mix of all of the above as the EP ends with 'The Judge'. The attention to detail is painstaking and makes for a collection of songs that sounds amazingly assured and complete for a debut. 

We asked Alexander to talk us through the EP:

"Living Alone-  Living Alone is probably one of the hardest tracks to write for me. Its concept is very personal to me and I wanted it to feel darkly cinematic. I wanted it to be a strong intro song for the record that challenged my vocal ability right away. I'm so proud of what it became. One of my favorite I've ever written. 

Snow White- Snow White is an exaggeration of being dependent on things keeping you numb. How important they are to some people or how most people deal with it in their lives. And I was kind of scared by that feeling a few times in my life.  

Missing Me- Missing Me is the first track my producer Ryan McCarthy and I wrote together in early 2015. I feel like it's a strong song that made us feel like we should keep working together. It's something we're really proud of. My version of a dark pop anthem. 

Close My Eyes- This is our favorite track we've done maybe. Just kind of came together and I think represents our love of pop music. It's an emotional one for me, but I love that about it. 

The Judge- We kind of went back and forth about what to do with this song and whether or not to have it be the final song on the record. But the end of it, I think, kind of represents the exit of the lifestyle and the darkness I'd been in for a while. Eventually understanding myself a bit more and accepting that I can have aggression and still be a positive person. I can own my life and how I want to live. Depressed people can show a lot of love."

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