Monday 21 December 2015

Get Me Free #117: The Migrant - Silence

Article by KevW

2015 has been the year that Denmark has overtaken just about any other country when it comes to producing great psychedelic records. Are the government putting something funny in the water over there? The Migrant put out their album 'Flood' at the start of the year, but this month it's received a welcome UK release via Welsh label Rockpie. Generally described as psych-folk-pop, free single 'Silence' does indeed contain a bit of each, although the folk side of things is perhaps minimal.

This is a fairly mid-paced track and that gives it an oddly powerful slow-motion strut. Big reverberating guitar notes are the force that builds this atmosphere, and they're taken away for the verses which are a little more spooky and acid-fried. Not for the first time recently (perhaps they're finally getting the respect the deserve) you can hear notes of Australia's excellent Morning After Girls in this song, especially towards the end as the vocal builds and those guitars kick back in, this time aided by another layer of distortion in the background. Slow-burning, but it burns brightly.

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