Friday 25 December 2015

Get Me Free #130: Someday I Will Miss You - Angels Might Be Late

Article by KevW

Injecting a little bit of festive loveliness to your day once again is Croatian Dino Pavlov, who records music under the guise of Someday I Will Miss You. OK, so this isn't a Christmas song at all, but it does have angels in the title. Starting out in 2013, Someday I Will Miss You's goal was to capture ambient electronic soundscapes and combine them with raw lo-fi beats. We featured the lovely, dreamy 'Hold On' towards the start of 2014, and it did just that, but perhaps this new track takes the idea even further, especially as far as the lo-fi beats are concerned.

Less woozy than before, the snap of drums kicks in right at the start and offers a stark contrast to the hazy, wispy vocals that belong to the world of atmospheric dreampop. The guitar also occasionally pierces its way through the dense layer of sound and ensures that 'Angels Might Be Late' is more than just a nicely atmospheric tune, it has focal points too. A toned-down mid-section adds diversity as well as a bit more depth and makes it sound even better when everything kicks back in as the song stutters to its climax. Angels delight.

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