Tuesday 22 December 2015

Hey Bulldog - Under My Spell

Article by KevW

You might expect a band named after a Beatles song to have a '60s sound, and to a certain extent Hey Bullgog do, but it's not much like the Fab Four. They are from north-west England though, but it's Manchester, not Liverpool, and the only '60s influence you can detect is that of deep psych and blues bands, and that's only slight, as they take the genre further, producing the kind of searing, hurtling psych-rock that would come about a few years later. There's a little Hawkwind and a little proto-punk, and, quite nicely, a hint of unsung '00s favourites The Music about the groove and vocals.

This is quite a powerhouse, and it feels like a band giving everything they've got and then some. The vocal is wide-eyed and energetic, which matches the music. A drum kit is properly put through its paces and, unless you like to end up battered and bleeding, you probably wouldn't want to be a plectrum. So this is a high-octane ride through a few decades of psychedelic guitar music yet it still comes out feeling fresh and vital. It's no wonder these guys have been quietly building a good following. 2016 could end up being their year.

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