Thursday 24 December 2015

Patti Yang Group - Invisible Tears

Article by KevW

We've been harping on about Patti Yang since 2012, and she's been making records for longer than that. This year though, the Polish singer (who splits her time between London and California) has really started to come to the fore in the UK, as the Patti Yang Group put the finishing touches to their debut album in this country which is due out early next year. 'I'm Ready' was a good indicator that we can expect something impressive, and new single 'Invisible Tears' affirms this further and is maybe even more impressive.

Wasting no time in snaring you with a pumping beat and some electrical swirls, the intro has an almost industrial feel which is tempered by the rich production. The music takes a step back to allow Yang's vocal the room it deserves, building its ambiance with some subtle twinkles and a spaciousness that allows everything to be absorbed. Soon, it all comes together to make for a propulsive song that's somewhere between Anna Calvi and early PJ Harvey, but without aping either. 'Invisible Tears' is a great piece of modern alt-pop of the variety that's topping the charts in a parallel universe where the record buying/streaming public have better taste than to give Justin Bieber the top two places in the top 40 for the past month. The world needs people like Patti Yang.

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