Thursday 17 December 2015

Get Me Free #113: Tangerines - Skin Dives

Article by KevW

Either that photo was taken at a fancy dress party that one of them forgot about, or three members of Tangerines have somewhat eccentric dress senses. The London quartet escaped the rehearsal space that was one of their mum's sheds and have been gigging in earnest this year, honing their skills and readying themselves for an even bigger 2016 which will see them release their debut single in March, but before that they're giving away the track 'Skin Dives' so that people who've yet to capture their live shows can get up to speed with their sound.

This is a cocktail of some of the finest guitar music from a few generations. 'Skin Dives' could have been born out of the early New York punk scene, but simultaneously it has flashes of blues to it as well as a '60s garage-rock thing going on. In a blindfold test you might place Tangerines in the US rather than the UK. They throw in a scorching guitar solo for good measure too. A couple of undeniable influences, intentional or not, are Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, with the vocal twang of the former's early records wrestling for space with music that could be from a Heartbreakers tune. They're not bad names to be mentioned in the same breath as, but at the same time, Tangerines will be wanting to make their own history, and this is a good way to start.

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