Wednesday 16 December 2015

The Virgance - 25 Years

Article by KevW

Nathan Smith has covered a few bases in his music career, most notably as guitarist for '90s indie band Ripley, and then changing tack and working as a co-producer with electronica outfit Loveless a few years later. Now going under the name The Virgance, it's the lush and distorted sounds of shoegaze that he's creating, and at quite a prolific rate. 'Paradigm 3' was his second album this year alone, and his third in eighteen months. It's very much the first wave of shoegaze bands that are recalled on new single '25 Years', and in particular Slowdive.

With a subtle but powerful swelling introduction, washes of groaning guitar come into focus with a distinct majesty to them. It's not unlike something that could have slotted onto 'Souvlaki'. Drums try to peer out from the clouds but are dampened by the soft weight of it all, with just a hint of lead guitar coming into partial focus. '25 Years' is deeply atmospheric and lushly produced, it's enough to prove wrong all the doubters that think you need lyrics or a prominent melody to hold people's attention. This avoids both and is all the more awesome for it.

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