Monday, 15 April 2013

Slumbook - Everything I Could Never Tell You

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Here we have more proof that indiepop is alive and well in the far-east. It seems fitting that Filipinos Slumbook were formed on a sunny afternoon back in 2008, because sunny afternoons are exactly what they evoke in their music. This is a simple brand of indiepop; it's not heavily orchestrated, it's not overly cutsie, it's just sweet songs made with guitar, bass and drums, with just a veil of production draped over them to tidy things up a little. 'Everything I Could Never Tell You' is an EP that relies on melody and naturalness to ensure that it stands head and shoulders above the try-hards. Sometimes expending too much energy can be the downfall of a band, but that's by no means implying that Slumbook are lazy, purely that they know a good tune when they hear one, and that they understand when enough is enough.

It's with these attributes that they deliver to us five instantly likable, sunkissed guitar songs that sound effortlessly natural. You'd struggle to fill a dance floor with these mid-paced ditties, but they're not made for that. 'Start To An End' will be heaven for anyone who still fawns over their old Sarah Records 45s; it's a delight. The jittery 'Luminous' ups the pace a notch but loses no charm in doing so, the vocals remain as soft as a bed made of Andrex puppies and the guitar frolics around seemingly at free will. It's a bit of a tease making the title-track an instrumental, but I suppose it means they're true to their word at least. 'Jealousy' has all the hallmarks of an early track by everyone's favourite indiepop comparison band, Belle & Sebastian. But it may be 'Nostalgia' that picks up the trophy for best in show, displaying all the characteristics that make this bunch another adorable addition to your record collection.

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