Saturday 20 April 2013

City Society - Riot Bloom/This Grand Adventure

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Yes this is more electro/dreampop from New York and yes it's very good. That area's never ending stream of talent has just spat out City Society, formed earlier this year by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Richard Cupolo. He already has an eponymous album on the verge of release (May 15th to be precise) and is teasing us gently into his sound with this two-track single, both songs from which will appear on the full-length. Part recorded in his own home studio and part recorded in various other places around the city, it makes us wonder if any guests have slipped their way onto the record?

Maybe we'll find out in due course. The first track here is a (gently) stomping electro-pop number with fuzzy vocals that are quite hushed, almost down to a whisper. Synths fill every potential gap that could be found, creating a wall of sound effect that lifts a little higher for the chorus. Secondly we have 'This Grand Adventure' which is more subtle, as though the electronics are bubbling away quietly underwater, and there's more than an air of fantasy about it, comparable to someone like Azure Blue. Both tracks are incredibly strong and almost certain to cause a blog buzz, one that we hope will translate further into the mainstream.

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