Tuesday 30 April 2013

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs - Be Glamorous

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We're going to repeat ourselves slightly here, as it's a point worth making. The talk at the beginning of the year included some hotly tipped acts who were borrowing from the past. We even featured some in our Tips For 2013 list, notably teenagers The Strypes who've since become darlings of the NME and a favourite of Jools Holland (plus the usual Weller crowd) and also future psych gods Temples, themselves steadily making good headway. Somewhere in between the sound of these two bands are Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs. We'd given them a single review, but that was about it. Now, in the lead up to their debut album on May 27th, they too are making some serious headway.

The past couple of tracks we heard seemed like a natural continuation of the psych revival that's been prominent in the past year or two, but they mix plenty of retro garage and even glam sounds to new single 'Be Glamorous'. With a beat from 1972, organs from 1968 and a song that could have been written in 1966; they're offering a tour of the past with this new one. And a quite nice tour it is to. It doesn't quite pack as much punch as some of their other songs, but at least it shows a diversity. It'll be the album that decides whether this lot deserve a seat at the top table or are just another hyped retro act. We're hoping for the former.

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Catch them live:

THU 02 MAY Liverpool Sound City Festival 2013, Liverpool, UK
THU 02 MAY Liverpool Sound City Festival 2013, Liverpool, UK
FRI 03 MAY Live At Leeds 2013, Leeds, UK
SUN 05 MAY Sumday [One May] 2013, Middlesbrough, UK
THU 16 MAY The Great Escape 2013, Brighton, UK
TUE 21 MAY Manchester, UK
WED 22 MAY Nottingham, UK
FRI 24 MAY London Calling Festival 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
SAT 25 MAY Field Day 2013, London, UK
TUE 28 MAY Start The Bus, Bristol, UK
WED 29 MAY Jericho Tavern, Oxford, UK
THU 30 MAY Rough Trade East, London, UK
August 2013
FRI 30 AUG End of the Road Festival 2013, Salisbury, UK

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