Wednesday 24 April 2013

Ed Zealous - Medicines

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Ed Zealous are from Northern Ireland and they want to make hectic music of the variety that you can get worn out just listening to. Latest single 'Medicines' is so rammed full of energy that it could probably step in should the national grid fail any time soon. We're looking at synth-pop here, but not quite what we've come to expect. No mid-paced club numbers or '80s throwback material. In 'Medicines' these guys have taken a very modern approach that could perhaps be what would happen in Giorgio Moroder were at the height of his powers now and needed to sort the backing for 'I Feel Love'.

They take pop melody and they take the noise-terrorism of bands like Crystal Castles at their crudest and then combine it all together into one non-stop fizzing track. Check the song in depth and you get synths that could be from epic sci-fi scenes, a beat that could be from an old computer game that's been sped up. You also get loads of twinkling sounds and hook-laden melodies as well as layer upon layer of interesting noises. So not the kind of thing you can knock together in five minutes then. Great fun though.

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