Thursday 25 April 2013

James Younger - Monday Morning

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The curious case of James Younger. Listen to 'Monday Morning' and it's instantly clear that he's an American artist, and one who takes his lead from bands like Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers and The Strokes. Except he's based in Canada, but that's OK, the accents and cultures aren't a million miles apart. Odd that his album which is due out in June is called 'Feelin' American' though. Only he's actually from Manchester, as in actual Manchester in North West England. You wouldn't guess this fact by listening to current single 'Monday Morning'.

The track is kind of like a poppier Strokes, and just to mix things up even further, perhaps the biggest reference you get from this song is Irish rockers Thin Lizzy. The riff could be lifted straight from one of their tracks. So that means we have a Manchester-born, Canadian-based, American-style singer-songwriter who borrows heavily from some Irish rock legends. Well, whatever floats your boat. It's definitely a hook-filled and catchy number, but we're wondering where he'll go next and what sound he might make. There's a whole world of music out there, and judging by the evidence we have so far, James Younger wants a piece of it all.

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