Friday 19 April 2013

Danny Malone - Spiderlegs

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If you want to find a location to record songs about the human condition then we can think of far worse places to go than a haunted castle in Denmark. So that's what Danny Malone did for his new album 'Balloons', out on June 4th. We've spoken about the album before but if you missed it the first time around then it's sounds like it will be well worth checking out, especially now he's made this slightly startling and definitely not safe for work video for single 'Spiderlegs'.

Even the song title sounds a bit creepy, and as we said before, it's a decent, slightly spooky indie-rock number that breaks no barriers but is a bit above the norm. The video takes it somewhere else though. In what could possibly be one giant metaphor for a very twisted and fragile state of mind, we get darkened, smoky rooms, wandering hands, drink, nudity, cracked glass, fits, drugs and a possible orgy, all of which could be part of some strange satanic ritual. It's disturbing and very intriguing to watch. Make sure you don't have nightmares though.

Video directed by Brad Linton

Danny Malone's website

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