Friday 12 April 2013

College - The Energy Story/She Never Came Back

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Not being one for films, French artist David Grellier, better known as College, was a new one on me. He's well known for soundtracking the film 'Drive', and is now issuing his album 'Secret Diary' in physical formats for the first time on May 6th. Let's be honest, you'll be hard-pushed to find a more '80s looking cover than the one above, which makes it all the more surprising that the album is being issued by Geoff Barrow's (Portishead) Invada label, an imprint not averse to retro sounds, but usually in a heavily updated format. These two songs aren't their normal fare.

I guess running a label and being able to put out what you want means that even if something doesn't quite fit the format of other releases it doesn't matter. Invada have always had good taste and judging by these two tracks, 'Secret Diary' is an cracking electro-pop record, with more emphasis placed on the electro aspect than the pop. 'The Energy Story' is undeniably catchy and beautifully produced; 'She Never Came Back' isn't the ugly sister either, it buzzes with a more robust energy and both of these songs are making me wonder why we haven't stumbled upon College before.

College's website

The album will be available from May 6th on Invada

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