Thursday 25 April 2013

Manett - The Sea Urchin

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Last autumn we were wowed by a lovely psych-pop track from Brooklyn-based artist Manett which was called 'Spider'. This was the first to be taken from her EP which was scheduled for release in the spring. Well that's now, and here's the EP. It's called 'The Sea Urchin'. Listening to 'Spider' again and with the benefit of time and increased familiarity, it perhaps sounds better a few months on than it did at the time; it's a unique and interesting piece, but what of the rest of the EP? Has Manett got more of these in her locker?

'Loose Unscrewed' is another alt-pop song that's quite different to other artists, it takes in various elements but is more simplistic than the single. That spirit of adventure isn't far away though; 'Vee-Va-La-Mor' is another imaginative experimental pop track that shows that Manett is on a different wavelength musically, and this is what makes her work so interesting, unusual percussion mixing with a variety of largely unidentifiable instruments. The spirit of artists like Syd Barrett and Kevin Ayres is alive and well on the acoustic 'A Song I Forgot The Words To', and the forlorn, music-box twinkle of 'Sunday' is both moving and psychedelic, a wonderful song. Let's hope Manett stays exactly as she is, we need more individuals like this in the world.

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