Thursday 18 April 2013

Lars Bygden - The Hole

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When, in twenty or even thirty years time, people look back on the guitar music that was made around this period, they're likely to think that this generation was obsessed with acoustic music accompanied by animated videos. We haven't been able to move for the things recently. It's all a bit reminiscent of the fabled New Acoustic Movement at the turn of the century. That's not to say the whole lot should be written off though, there have been some very accomplished songs, even if the default video setting involves characters that we're expected to feel sorry for. The whole thing began to yield diminishing returns a couple of years ago.

Swedish singer songwriter Lars Bygden isn't trying to cash-in on the dying embers of a current trend; his latest album is his third and, if you've not overdosed on acoustics of late, you'll find that 'The Hole' is a quite moving and well-crafted song. Yes it contains another sadness-tinged animation, but likewise, unless you've seen dozens of these lately (we're blaming REM's 'I'll Take The Rain' for starting this trend) then you'll find that this video may tug on the heartstrings just a little bit too. No matter how much of a certain style is available, there will always be people hearing it for the first time, and it's these people who will find the most rewards in 'The Hole'.

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