Sunday 21 April 2013

Tempers - Strange Harvest

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'Strange Harvest' is the second single from New York duo Tempers, following 'Eyes Wide Wider' a couple of months back. They still look and sound not a million miles from The Kills, but haven't quite yet developed the style-over-content thing and the trying-too-hard photo shoots, so that's good to know. The coolest people are generally the ones who don't try the hardest. 'Strange Harvest' is a great tune though, and quite possibly a step-up from their first offering, and it does this without breaking from the style they first showcased earlier this year.

This is electro-rock and it has attitude. It also has mystery and isn't quite as easy to classify as some people (including their press release) have said. The vocals range from monotone, half-spoken, half-bored and slightly lazy to full on urgent screaming. It definitely adds depth to the song, and it's not the only way they use contrasts to their advantage. The beat is hard and almost four-to-the-floor and there are grinding guitar/synth sounds that coexist with more subtle backing such as primitive electronics and what could almost be heavily affected (but probably artificial) strings. Tempers are turning out to be a superb band.

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