Friday 19 April 2013

Conclave - Crystal Skies

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For the past couple of months we've been excitedly watching Conclave drop, one by one, a different piece of hazy electronica that ups the ante for the chillwave set. The latest track being 'Crystal Skies'. It's not quite as jaw-droppingly lovely as 'Ocean Star', but then very little is. This newest offering will appear on his debut EP, the title will be 'Night Oasis' and release details should be be released any day now. If we're to assume that the bulk of this will consist of the songs we've already heard, then it will make for a solid and well worth investing in collection.

If it's new material? Well that may be even better. 'Crystal Skies' is perhaps less ambitious than some of his work, but this may purely be a case of opting for something a bit lazier (that is in terms of listening, not creating) to soundtrack that inevitable hot weather we'll get all summer (right?). It's still a fine tune even though its purpose is as a chilled mood piece. So, another good track from the mysterious Conclave, let's hope we find out more and all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place very soon.

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