Saturday 27 April 2013

Misty Miller - Next To You

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Teenage garage sensation Misty Miller is dropping tunes like nobody's business at the moment. Whether this is her determination to throw out as many tunes from her vast setlist as possible or simply a record company blitz attack to ensure she's never far from our minds, we don't know, and to be honest we don't particularly care unless it's harming her career in any way or placing undue pressure on her shoulders. It means we get a ton of good music. Misty seems to be made of stern stuff though, debut EP 'Girlfriend' proved that.

'Next To You' is the title track from her forthcoming second EP (you may well already have heard the first song released from it, 'Anything For You') and is another corker made of thrashing guitars and a tempo that switches from tender moments to full on rock 'n' roll. She can certainly pen a fine tune, even more remarkable when you learn that much of her material was written at age 15. Fingers crossed that the hectic schedule is her own choice and that she builds the superb career she has the ability to. It would be a crying shame for her to burn out too young.

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