Wednesday 24 April 2013

Five For Free #176

Ecovillage - Orange Sunshine

It's taken Swedish band Ecovillage five years to put together their second album. From our point of view, this means that it'd better be good. As a precursor to the release of 'With Fragile Wings We Reach The Sun' they're offering up the lush dreampop of 'Orange Sunshine' as a free track. The verdict? If there are a few more like this on the LP it's been worth the wait.

Ecovillage's website

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Pleasure Curses - PNKLKR ft. JUZY JORD

A new way of making music? This Washington, DC duo were challenged to make a song built around a beat taken from their English friend's mobile phone. The result is that Pleasure Curses came up with 'PNKLKR' and it sounds like a very good and tidy electro-pop track with plenty of bite. Is this the future for DIY music-makers?

Pleasure Curses' website

Catch them live:

MON 29 APR Pleasure Curses, Love & Radiation, Lenorable,Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC
SAT 25 MAY Pleasure Curses, Beacon, DC9, Washington, DC
THU 11 JUL Pleasure Curses, Hi-life Wedding, Mothersday, Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC
FRI 26 JUL Pleasure Curses, miya[z]aki, Night Panther, Velvet Lounge Washington, DC

Night Panther - Fire

This is another episode of Weathervane Music's 'Shaking Through' series which we've been following. This time they charted the writing, construction and recording of 'Fire', an electro-soul groove incorporating modern production, chillwave and classic brass sounds. Night Panther are a trio from Pennsylvania and have been together for a year, although this track doesn't sound like the work of newbies.

Night Panther's website

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Catch them live:

May 10 Nude Beach @ Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Jun 04 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
Jun 05 Cedars Lounge, Youngstown, OH
Jun 06 Lounge 21, Cleveland, OH
Jul 26 Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC

The French Electric - Pharaoh

You probably didn't think that The French Electric were actually from France anyway, but just to confirm this, they're a quintet from London. New track 'Pharaoh' feels a bit like careering down a hill in a shopping trolley with no brakes. Fun, exciting, scary and possibly the final achievement of your life. It's an energetic, punky, alt-rock monster.

Free download: 'Pharoah'
(Right click, save as)

The French Electric's website

Julie Mar - Daydream

This is just lovely. It might be a little middle-of-the-road and polite, but as the song progresses it just gets better and the melody is irresistibly sweet and impossible to ignore, something which is surprising for such a delicate song. 'Daydream' is from the debut album, 'Theorem', by New York singer Julie Mar who is currently working on her follow-up.

Julie Mar's website

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