Friday 19 April 2013

Cloud Cult - 1X1X1

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Minneapolis eight-piece Cloud Cult formed way back in 1995. I was getting ready to finish school, some of the bands we review weren't even born. It's a great achievement then, that in this age where bands often implode after a relatively small period of time, that not only are they still a going concern, but one with the determination to keep making innovative music, and not comfortably settle into middle age. True, new album 'Love' won't have Diplo quaking in his boots, but then these guys have always been more organic in nature, often being described as chamber-pop. With such a substantial back-catalogue, much of which we haven't heard, the accuracy of this description is something we can't vouch for.

New single '1X1X1' feels full of steely determination and as it progresses it feels as though the instruments are being attacked rather than played. This isn't chamber-pop, not as we know it anyway, this is a blend of post-rock, punk, and even grunge, although the multitude of instruments used make it not quite like any of the aforementioned genres. It's wild, it's angry, pounding, and agitated. If this is chamber-pop then it's got a severe case of PMT. Maybe there are more elegant numbers on the current album and maybe strings and totally different arrangements are used. But we'll gladly take them just like this.

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