Thursday 25 April 2013

The Cutler - OFGB (Feat. Little Glitches)

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One of the two members of Hull duo The Cutler is called Pork. I'm sure there's an interesting story behind how he got that name, but sadly we don't have it to give you. What we do have is this rather fab new track from their forthcoming second album 'Everything Is Touching Everything Else' which (last we heard) was scheduled for a release sometime next month. Vocals are supplied by Sheffield's Little Glitch, which is quite fitting really, as Sheffield made its name as the home to the finest cutlery in the country.

The Cutler aren't quite making the finest electro-pop in the UK, but they're certainly in the top half of the table, maybe pushing for a Europa League spot. 'OFGB' is experimental without being too wayward; it sticks to building these innovative sounds around an actual song, rather than just making bleeps and bloops for art's sake. What this all results in is mighty fine, a reasonably cutting-edge (no pun intended) track that shows diversity and innovation, all while making something that your ears will find extremely enjoyable.

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