Tuesday 16 April 2013

Rachelle Spector - PS I Love You

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We won't go too far into the controversy. Tragically an actress was shot dead at Phil Spector's mansion. She was killed with his gun and the debates have argued over whether it was deliberate or an accident, and who pulled the trigger. The upshot is that the producer is now in prison. Spector isn't the youngest or most handsome of men, yet has an attractive young wife. Naturally this reminds you of the infamous Mrs Merton question the much younger Debbie McGee: "So what first attracted you to the millionaire, Paul Daniels?". You'd think though, that if Rachelle Spector was simply in it for the $$$ then his incarceration would be great news. The old man's out of the way, leaving you with freedom, a massive house and a fortune to spend. Instead she's recorded and dedicated song to her husband, based upon letters sent between the two while he's been inside. Perhaps the marriage isn't the sham you might suspect after all.

Naturally, no one would expect much from this single. 'PS I Love You' is produced in a style that apes his wall of sound, although is a little too smooth and clean to match those stunning recordings. Spector fans will be able to play "spot the reference" here, nearly every line is either linked to one of his hits or tragic events in his life (his father's suicide, the death of his young son), and yes, the whole thing is corny as heck, as is the video that goes with it. That said it is actually quite a likable song, and if anyone has the right to completely rip-off his production style and songwriting then surely it's his wife. The whole thing seems like a strange move, and one that maybe does tell of true devotion and not just Hollywood money-grabbing, even if it's sickly sweet. Whether or not the family of Lana Clarkson approve of its release will of course be another matter entirely.

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