Friday 19 April 2013

Bass Drum Of Death - Shattered Me

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I've often wondered whether Bass Drum Of Death took their name from the infamous incident when Keith Moon packed so much explosives into his bass drum that when he detonated them at the end of the set they nearly took the building with them (along with Pete Towsend's hearing apparently). You'd think that a raw garage-rock band such as this Mississippi duo would be appreciative of such carnage, their music is shot through with plenty of firepower anyway. Having released a debut album in 2011, they're now ready with a self-titled follow-up, and apparently it's like the first only everything is amplified by ten.

You can believe it too if you listen to new single 'Shattered Me'. No drumstick or vocal chord are spared in their quest for punk ferocity and high-octane delivery, all done to an actual tune, something which others doing this type of thing often bypass. There's a heap of melody here. Think of The Ramones, then think of the vocals being recorded without a mic in a toilet block outside the building, then think of the power of the songs being given a massive electric shock. And there you have it, the perfect description of 'Shattered Me'. N.B. Bass drums may have been injured in the making of this single.

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