Tuesday 23 April 2013

Great Mountain Fire - Crooked Head

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Well this isn't a bad way to introduce yourselves to the world. Although saying that, this may be their first single, but having a sneaky look at their Facebook profile it reveals that they've already got a few thousand followers. So maybe this isn't an introduction to quite as many people as we thought. Great Mountain Fire are from Brussels and have the kind of name that you'd expect from a band who are looking to hop on the Fleet Foxes bandwagon of harmonious Americana. There is an inkling of that style about 'Crooked Head', but not much, it seems like they're very much their own band.

This is an uptempo track that borrows its drumming from Buddy Holly, its melody from a Beatles song (we can't quite think which one) and makes use of fairly dense instrumentation for such a breezy tune. They throw some more electronic sounds around in the middle eight which adds another dimension and livens things up a bit. Essentially this song sounds full of the joys of spring; optimistic, vibrant and determined. We'll hazard a guess that they've got more quality where this come from, as it appears they may have more records available outside of the UK and that's clearly attracted a decent sized fanbase. An exciting new prospect.

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