Tuesday 30 April 2013

Wise Girl - Wise Girl EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

If you've not heard of Wise Girl yet, here's the lowdown. The band were formed in 2010 around the vocals of New York songwriter Abby Weitz (if you know your alternative bands from that area, she used to be in The Lookaways who played the legendary CBGBs amongst other achievements). Since forming Wise Girl, success has continued and has included the CMJ Music Marathon two years running and national TV appearances. Despite this you'd have to say they're still a cult band rather than anything bigger. For the time being at least. Currently putting the finishing touches to a new album, they have this self-titled EP available now.

Led by the single 'Set In Stone', 'Wise Girl' takes the spirit of punk and gives it a modern twist. This isn't spit and snot thrashing, these are refined yet ragged songs that are written to a higher standard than three chords and a hook. I guess a better description may be powerpop, it has more depth than you may expect. Buzz-saw guitars are the fuel for 'Wishful Thinking', a song that doesn't forego melody and really is every bit as good as the supposed stand-out. Plus it reminds us just a little bit of Belly and that's never a bad thing. Finally, 'Roles Are Reversed' juxtaposes all these sounds with a big dollop of country. In a nutshell, Wise Girl are worth getting acquainted with.

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