Friday 26 April 2013

Cosmo Sheldrake - Rich (Ft. Anna Roo)

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Brighton-based artist Cosmo Sheldrake is a bit of a musical jack of all trades. Have a scan of his Facebook page and you'll see him pictured with a variety of instruments, but his talents stretch far beyond just playing them. He also teaches. He teaches beatboxing, youth empowerment and wilderness camps. Plus he writes songs. Not your regular heard-it-all-before type songs, strange and eclectic alternative pop songs which must draw from the many skills the man has.

This track, 'Rich', defies categorisation. The best we can do is alt-pop, but that's a loose term anyway. There are various types of percussion involved, some we can identify, some we can't. The track sounds exotic musically, but you can't pin it down to a location or a style, it seems to exist in its own little bubble. Very nice vocals are supplied by Anna Roo, whose gentle voice sits atop this array of click and clacks and picks and strums and bounces and crunches and varying melodic styles. It's not often we can say someone is totally in a field of their own, but Cosmo Sheldrake just about manages it here.

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  1. The album is beautiful and easily much better than her first album in my opinion. I agree the songs that are joyous are quite joyous as the others that are sad, are quite sad. Yet the whole album is moving either way, the sounds are just so beautiful. I cant stop listening to “Anything Could Happen”
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