Thursday 18 April 2013

Björn Tengman - The Wanderer

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'The Wanderer' is the debut single from young Swedish artist Björn Tengman, a man who has not unreasonably drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan. Now we're not suggesting by any means that Tengman is as innovative or likely to be as legendary as one of the biggest names in music history, simply that you can detect the influence and occasional similarity in style. Only Tengman can actually sing properly *ducks*. Tengman began playing guitar aged 12 and recorded his debut album last summer.

The simplicity of this song is what makes it such a suitable first single. You get the impression that pyrotechnics and setting the controls for the stadium tour circuit are a million miles away from this guy's plans. No, the idea here is to use his voice, musical skills and natural songwriting talent and create, pure and simply, decent, well-written and enjoyable songs. Maybe it's a special barrier created by the North Sea, but Scandinavian acoustic artists seem to have a better understanding than many Brits at the moment, so if you're fed up with our scene, check out Björn Tengman as an alternative.

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