Tuesday 23 April 2013

Shannon Hope - Shannon Hope EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Shannon Hope has a past when it comes to the music scene. She was a very creative part of Norwich punks GLORY GLORY, a band known for riotous shows and drunken behavior. But now she's going solo and has released this self-titled EP. Upon listening to first track 'A Part Of Me' we're left wondering where the spark went. Has she seen Ellie Goulding and decided she'd quite like a piece of that kind of fame? As it happens, jumping to such a conclusion was a mistake. Yes, this EP is largely one woman and her guitar, but she still means business. Even a second listen to the opener shows our fears were unfounded.

'I Could Do Without This' has more bite and only just touches the two-minute mark. Hope isn't milking these songs, they do what they need to do and are left at that. It's a lesson we wish more people would learn from. Nothing passes the three-minute barrier, and although the songs are acoustic and sometimes sweetly sung (as on 'Life's Memorabilia') it's certainly not all skipping through fields of daisies. 'Block You Out' shows both vulnerability and determination. "I'll grow, yeah I'l develop and change" she sings on 'Any Road', perhaps indicating that this EP is Shannon Hope finding her feet as a solo artist. We're left to conclude that she's found them.

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