Tuesday 30 April 2013

Beach Vacation - Maritime EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

So summer is finally on its way then (or it's stopped snowing at least) and you can be pretty sure in assuming that Beach Vacation aren't going to be the kind of band who write songs about ice skating or whatever. It's not uncommon for us to comment on just how quickly some bands get decent material out there. We've had a few bands recently who've released accomplished debut albums within a year of getting together. Well try this on for size. These guys took inspiration from some bands they like (and favourites of ours too) such as Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, The Radio Dept. and Craft Spells, and thought they'd have a pop at making some tunes. By the next week they were singed to Dufflecoat Records. That has to take some beating.

'Maritime' is the band's debut EP and as you'd expect it's fairly low-budget and DIY in sound. So are lots of other bands, so how come the interest was so quick? With the samples of seagulls and lapping waves of, er, 'Waves' acing as an intro, they then head straight for the beach hut marked "melodies" and recover its contents. 'Washington Weather' will satisfy your jangly-fuzz needs without giving it a second thought; 'Stay A While' graces our speakers with its warm glow for all too brief a period. It's 'Escape' where they score full-marks though. You know what it sounds like because they've basically told you in their list of inspirations, but it's at the top end of the output of those bands. Let's hope nobody gives them time to think, it'd be a loss to alter this remarkably successful approach.

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