Thursday 18 April 2013

The Baron Four - Yes I Do/Girl

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In their own world, The Baron Four's rise and development is happening in tandem to The Beatles and The Stones, and you suspect they'd be getting more comparisons to the latter. Yeah, it's that early '60s beat group sound that this new venture are aiming for. Formed following the tragic circumstances that led to the end of awesome garage band Thee Vicars, the remaining members hooked up with players from MFC Chicken for this new band, and 'Yes I Do' is their debut single. Given both previous bands' fascination with recreating authentic garage sounds, we'd be surprised if this didn't follow suit.

Of course it does, but maybe more than ever do they try and replicate the thrill of those primal garage recordings, right from the beginning ushered in by bands like The Wailers'. 'Yes I Do' isn't short on catchiness, and when that proto-rock sound gives way to a scream and a feral guitar solo they sound bang on top of their game. B-side 'Girl' throws a few extra twangs around for a more surfy feel and is a little slower than the lead, but no less entertaining. Radio Caroline will have these songs on heavy rotation before long.

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