Wednesday 17 April 2013

Vinyl Floor - Peninsula

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Here's another one that we can add to the list of bands that should be much better known outside of their home country. Here's a brief lowdown to fill in those who, like us, are hearing Vinyl Floor for the first time. They're a trio from Copenhagen, Denmark (a country that appears to be an increasingly brilliant source of good music), their first single was released back in 2007 and a debut album followed in 2009. 'Peninsula' is the group's second full length, initially released in Denmark a year ago, and now gradually fining its way around Europe. In our humble opinion, we should be taking more notice of Vinyl Floor.

It's quite clear that they take a certain amount of influence from British music, and not just because they choose to sing in English. You can pick just about any British or North American guitar trend of the past 30-odd years (barring metal and hardcore) and find traces of it here. Instrumental opener 'Frames And Orchids' is incredibly majestic, beginning as a jagged but melodic grunge track and ending with a towering section of strings and "aaahhs". A sublime opener. 'Ghost Of England' doesn't really require us pointing out their anglophile references, with lyrics about English gardens and the general feel of 'Penny Lane' or maybe something by The Kinks; 'In The Air' follows a similar path, with added melody.

Vinyl Floor have some exceptionally good tracks here, only the odd song fails to engage quite as much (the nice but routine 'Written In The Cards', 'Baton Rouge' isn't much more than pleasant) and the occasional track that's simply good rather than great (the grungy pop of 'What Lies Ahead', guitar-heavy rocker 'Force You Through', folk-rock track 'Dumbfounded' ) But the piano-led powerpop ballad (is that an oxymoron?) 'Car In The Sky', the epic, Britpoppy indie of 'Diverging Paths', delicate and thoughtful slowie 'King Of Dystopia' and closer 'Frozen Moon' all add up to an album that's well above average and well worth investing some ear-time in.

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