Friday 26 April 2013

Sanjays - Champagne Club Sister

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Sanjays' album 'Laboratorium' was initially released a year ago on Spanish label Bankrobber, but as is often the case with music from around the world, it can take a while to filter through to our ears. Maybe you've heard them via some other sites who are a little more on the ball! This doesn't stop us from liking their single 'Champagne Club Sister' though, even if it is a little quirky, especially in the fact that it has a guy shouting/rapping along to certain segments in a way which we can't decide is annoying or quite fun. I guess they're much like The Sugarcubes in this respect.

As a whole this is an enjoyable rampage about having fun and enjoying the sun (which they get much more of in Spain than us in the UK). Stylistically it's actually a quite diverse indie/pop song, one that bounces along without a care in the world, looking at you with its excited puppydog eyes. It's a pop song wrapped in alternative clothing and even has a kids chorus for added sweetness and joy. If it's pissing down and freezing cold this song would probably sound rubbish. But it's glorious sunshine outside today, so we love it!

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