Sunday 28 April 2013

New Gods - Klipse

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More genre-dodging. Everyone's at it at the moment. New Gods are an Australian band who've recently released their debut EP, also called 'New Gods'. Perhaps what's driving the collision of styles here is the fact that this is a secondary band for all its members, as they're all with various other groups (Little Red, Eagle and the Worm, Ground Components). So perhaps this coming together of ideas stems from that, it works either way, and that's what really counts.

It's something of a little journey for your ears too. Beginning with piano that it soon becomes apparent is the prelude to an R&B track, until the song changes direction to a chilled and slightly unusual form of synth-pop. The vocals could be from soul or disco, other parts from trip-hop; they seem to throw everything they can think of into the melting pot. The result is that it sounds like a remix of a remix of a remix of a remix, until the song has become remixed so many times that something entirely new is created. Weird, but very good.

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