Friday 26 April 2013

Moritat - I Forgot To Kiss Her

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This delightful psych-pop track comes from Chicago band Moritat who released their debut album 'Clill Blanzin' last year. Maybe they have their own language, as both band name and album title contain words that we're not familiar with. Thankfully the song lyrics are in boring old English so we can make out what this harmony-laden track is all about. You will have guessed by the fact that it's called 'I Forgot To Kiss Her' that we're dealing with a love song here, so we're on familiar ground in this respect.

The strange, wonderful and very colourful psychedelic video suits the song down to the ground too. While there are psych leanings, Moritat could be seen rather as a continuation of bands such as The Byrds, Big Star, later-period Teenage Fanclub and The Flaming Lips when they did pop songs for a few years. 'I Forgot To Kiss Her' isn't particularly outlandish; what makes it work is that simple trick of good melody, attention to detail, a stamp of originality and maybe even some slight innovation, all carried out perfectly. And as you can hear, that's something they've achieved with flying colours.

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