Saturday 13 April 2013

Five For Free #173

The Manticores - Mouth Feeder

More mystery. We received this track, 'Mouth Feeder', from a band called The Manticores who simply stated it was the second single from their upcoming album. Upon further investigation we found a Facebook page. The only other information we could gather is that they seem to be a duo, Sarah and Jesse. Still, this is a top-notch indie/shoegaze-type tune, and that's the important thing.

The Manticores' website

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Redanda - Foosball

We last heard from Hamilton garage-rock band Redanda back in September, and since then they've reemerged, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, from the musical cocoon of the studio with a new reggae flavoured sound. Don't worry, this is no horrible cod-reggae disaster, 'Foosball' is simply spreading their influences a bit further, and if anything it's made them a little more interesting.

Redanda's website

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Queenfish & Other Tales - Dive In

Even more loveliness from Sweden. This time it's the debut single from Queenfish & Other Tales, the brainchild of Ewa Wikström who started her musical journey as a drummer aged 13. After many different and eclectic musical experiences and adventures, she's now set to release her debut album 'Landing', and this lovely piano-led alt-pop tune will kick off the campaign brilliantly.

Queenfish & Other Tales' website

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The Goodnight Darlings - Red Hot

Hoping to bring some noise-pop to the masses are DIY duo The Goodnight Darlings whose first EP 'Doll Drums' is out now. The Brooklyn pair are giving away the scuzzy and agitated indie/pop of 'Red Hot' as a free download. It sounds a bit like The Go! Team preparing for a drunken post-pub fight in the local kebab shop. Attention-grabbing stuff.

The Goodnight Darlings' website

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The Durty Wurks - Dream

Edinburgh's The Durty Wurks are four young friends who are passionate about making good tunes in a totally DIY way and letting people hear them for nothing. This is good news for us, because judging by 'Dream', their mixture of psychedelia and shoegaze sounds pretty fine. If you like the sound of this then it's worth hitting their Bandcamp page for more free goodies.

The Durty Wurks' website

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