Sunday 21 April 2013

Camilla Sparksss - Precious People

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There's not really two ways of looking at it. Camilla Sparksss' new video is weird. We'll leave it there with the talk of that so you can watch and see if you can figure it out. This is the Canadian's second single following 'I'll Teach You To Hunt' in January, and this sees Camilla (her real name is Barbera, Camilla Sparksss does possibly have a better ring to it) tackling edgy pop using retro sounds to create something totally modern. You could maybe bracket her alongside bands like Crystal Castles, Teeth and even The Death Set, but she does have her own sound.

The vocals on this track flit between being not really interested and totally disinterested, barring a few screams towards the end. Musically the song incorporates harsh beats, steel drums, vintage synth sounds and what sounds like a swarm of electronic bees barging their way into the studio part way through the recording process. Knowing the UK music press, we're willing to bet you a tenner that by the summer Camilla Sparksss will have gotten her name in the NME. They lap this kind of stuff up, and this time they'll be right to do so.

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