Saturday 20 April 2013

Shannon Wright - The Caustic Light

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Such is the vastness of the world of music, upon receiving this new single from Atlanta singer-songwriter Shannon Wright (or Shannon Write if you go by the mistake on the press release!) I assumed she was a new artist as, after the best part of three decades as a music obsessive I'd never heard her before. Upon researching further, it turns out her first release was in 1999. I'd have been a student, and therefore wasting more time listening to music than doing anything constructive. So it's slightly perplexing that she's slipped my attention so far, even more so when you look at the substantial list of achievements on her Wikipedia page.

We got there in the end though, so hello Shannon, nice to finally hear your music! 'The Caustic Light' is a single from her current album 'In Film Sound' and is a brooding song that permanently sounds as though it's about to pounce on you with a sharp shock of guitars or a vocal scream. It's the kind of song that only comes out at night; dark alt-rock with biting guitars that eventually does let loose and tests just how well built those instruments are. 'The Caustic Light' is a nice title for this caustic song that's both rich instrumentally, contains plenty of power, and when it wants to, can leap upon the prey that is your ears. A welcome, if belated introduction.

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