Thursday 18 April 2013

Nodigga - Digga Please

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What's the real genre-splicing capital of the USA? If we whittle it down from several strong contenders it would come down to a final bout between the New York area and California. We couldn't predict the winner, but fighting for the west coast would be LA band Nodigga who've recently released new EP 'Digga Please', a record that is fundamentally electro-pop but incorporates much more. We're looking at the usual additions; a bit of indie here, a bit of rock there, some chillwave sprinkled over the top. It's a sound we're becoming increasingly familiar with, especially opening track 'Dancing On Me' which could be by any number of bands.

When we dig a little deeper 'Digga Please' takes in a few more interesting twists, not least the experimental electro-rock dazzler 'Protura' with its big beats and big imagination. The title-track is more laid-back, maybe inspired by the chillwave that surrounds that part of the world. They do manage to add some imagination to it though, and this results in something that stands above the norm. Sticking will a chilled vibe is 'Away', although this is far more individual as they play around with different sounds and techniques, switching to a higher pace halfway through. It could be a good path forward with both electro-pop and chillwave seeming to have just about run their course for the time being. Nodigga could have the ideas to survive any potential collapse of this kind.

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